Friday, February 28, 2014

connect : #blogeverydayinfeb

today wraps up the last day of my #blogeverydayinfeb challenge, as well as the start of a new month tomorrow. It has been so much fun connecting with so many people this month because of this little blog of mine. I participated in my first link up at the beginning of this month, Breakfast in Bed, linked up with Anchored in Love Divine for this 28 day challenge, and at the end of next month I will be linking up with Rebecca from Life with rMe for the "where you work" link up. I've learned a lot this month about the importance of connecting with readers, bloggers, and other followers on all social media platforms. It brings so much joy when I get to meet new people and interact with them, even though it's just over the internet. Someday, I hope to meet some of you, my readers, and some of my greatest blogging inspirations. 

this week has been such a great week, with quite a few 2-posts-a-day, ++Positive Vibes++, and some fun planned for this weekend. I can't wait to see what March brings for this blog. (And for how I'll do writing without prompts!)


ps. is there specifically something you want to see this month? please email me with any suggestions on posts or new segments/installments. 

Reflection : New Years Resolution #2

New Year, new direction :: 4 steps to make 2014 your best year yet

This month I focused on Love, because there is no better time than the month that includes Valentines Day. I've really enjoyed having a characteristic to focus on each month. Even though I don't think about it each and every minute of each and every day, I always have it in the back of my mind for when I need something to focus on and persevere towards. 

Loving Others // I feel like this is pretty self explanatory, but just having the mindset of always remembering to love others is key to always having those Positive Vibes. 

Loving Myself // This week, I finally published my "My Real Self" post. It's never easy to be accepting of yourself when we are always comparing, but I've been working toward finding how I can make myself most comfortable in my own skin without losing who I am. 

Love of God // With what these past couple of weeks have brought me, my love for God has grown. He's always there for me, my eternal best friend ... and I couldn't be more thankful. 

Putting the word "love" into my mind each and every day this month has helped to make my mindset better and more positive - and thinking great things about others! February may not have resulted in getting a boyfriend (oh well, I love my girlfriends!) but I am loving others, myself, and God more and more!

Tomorrow, I am talking about March (already?!), which will focus on school. 


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Daily Reads, Blogs I Love : #blogeverydayinfeb

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When I started reading blogs, I slowly started braistorming about making my own. I started out by reading The College Prepster because I saw it featured on my friend's blog, Ribbons and Pearls. Over time, more and more blogs were becoming part of my morning reads, the time in the morning where I scroll through my Bloglovin' feed and start my day off right. 

These are just a few of my favorite blogs. I have so many daily reads that I couldn't possibly fit them in one blogpost. I have so many reads that I have almost 200 unread posts on my Bloglovin' feed that I can't read all in one day. 

Sarah, Classy Girls Wear Pearls // Me and Kira talk about Sarah and KJP all the time, tag each other in their Instagram posts that are absolutely perfect, and can't stop thinking about their perfect wedding that is in the future. Her outfits are brilliant and I am so jealous of her New England lifestyle. 

Carly, Chicago Prepster // Carly is such a sweet blogger with some of the most inspirational posts. 

Katie, Classic With a Twist // Katie posts tons of classy outfits that I am constantly jealous of. She has always been one of my favorite bloggers since the start. 

Meredith, Monogram Meredith // Meredith, one of my more recent morning reads, is slowly becoming my favorite. Meredith is such a sweet girl and her blog is so genuine. 

Kira, Ribbons and Pearls // Kira's blog inspired me to start writing, and it's super motivational blogging with someone who also goes to school with you because you know you're not alone!

Sarah, Southern Charleston Class // Sarah, another girl I go to school with, posts her daily outfits that are adorable! We are planning on doing a collaboration in the future, so stay tuned!

Caitlin, Southern Curls & Pearls // Caitlin has a new, chic outfit everyday on her blog that I am so jealous of. They're perfect!

Carly H, The College Prepster // My first blog read and my inspiration. Her posts are PERFECT and I learn so much from her on almost every post. Carly is such a talented and gifted writer, and I hope to meet her someday! 

What blogs do you love? 


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

HER CAMPUS! + Sponsor

I'm supposed to be blogging about my favorite recipe, but I really don't cook or bake. I would love to have the talent, but I don't think I have the patience. Sometime in March I would definitely love to post the recipe to my favorite recipe, but for now I don't have one in my book! 

I have 2 fairly large announcements!

I'm a Her Campus Member! After placing an application for Her Campus about a month ago, I got the "you're in!" email from the company 2 weeks ago. I'm so excited to see what this brings for my blog, and how many more blogging connections I can create! All of the ladies involved in Her Campus are sweet, accepting, and ready to help. It's such a fun, uplifting community to be part of. (See the button to the left! - It makes this blog official!) 
SPONSOR The Blog! Starting March 1st, my blog will be sponsoring The Darling Prepster. After seeing how much sponsorship can bring to blogs, I decided to add my own Sponsorship page. Currently, there is one sponsorship option to choose from - and it's a great price! (not going to lie) I can't wait to see who will sponsor the blog first. 

Happy Wednesday! 


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Me : #blogeverydayinfeb

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Dear 16 Year-Old Sydney, 

I hope you've had a successful sophomore year so far. Enjoying your major, succeeding in your math and science classes, and having the time of your life with your friends. I hope you've learned how to better deal with stress, and stop procrastinating. 

I hope you've grown your faith in Christ. I know it's been a struggle since entering high school, but it's going to be worth it in the long run. Read His word on a daily basis, attend church on a weekly basis, and take part in a life group. It's all going to be worth it. You'll learn so much and will grow as a person. 

I hope you've reached your goals. You've always been a goal setter, and I hope you've reached some of them, learned from your mistakes, and have adjusted the goals in result. I hope you had a successful Governor's school audition, have made it into All-State Chorus, and have (fingers crossed) had a solo in a performance for Vocal. 

I hope you (maybe) have fallen in love. I hope you've truly learned what love is, and hopefully not the hard way. Maybe you haven't had a boyfriend yet, or your first kiss, but I hope that you have learned from someone you're close to what it really means to be loved ... and to love. 

I hope you've traveled. I hope you've been to Boston, Paris, and someplace new and exciting. Experience the world, because you have a limit on the days.

I hope you've grown. As a person, a blogger, a friend. I hope you've learned along the way and have altered how you're living in result. 

I hope you've ... learned to drive. read more. worried less. had your mind over matter. have worked out more. learned lots. discovered your style. analyzed your future. found an empowering lipstick. helped in the community. succeeded in your classes. asked for help. said no when needed. found your true friends. 

15 Year Old You


My Real Self

This post has been a draft for a long time. I've had it ready, but haven't thought of posting it yet. It's time to share. 

After Carly talked about her real self on her blog due to hateful comments she was getting on her blog/Instagram, so many bloggers and other girls joined in, posting their real selfie. It was a week on Instagram that was full of motivation and self-confidence boosting. One of my friends, Kira posted a blog post about her real self, and my school friend Carly started an Instagram tag, #iambeautifulwoopwoop, encouraging friends from school to post their real self picture - which was so motivational. 

I feel like I have occasionally touched on my insecurities, how much us girls now are comparing ourselves to the girls we see in magazines or on TV. 
There is so much in life to balance, no matter who you are or what your age. I have to balance school, vocal, blogging, extra-curriculars, and friends. It's been a journey, and it isn't always easy. I don't live a perfect life, if this post didn't clearly show that. 
Don't get me wrong - I love putting on makeup, messing with filters on VSCO Cam, and feeling presentable no matter what. But there are those days where makeup isn't an option, it's out of the question, when doing your hair seems like too big of a job. It's also very rewarding to see yourself  "raw" (as Carly said). 

My Name is Sydney Huss. 

My Real Self : 
battles with insecurities
hates her thighs/stomach area
loves coffee
my eyes squinch up when she smiles
has crooked bottom teeth because she lost her retainer
is so tall she must buy the majority of her clothes tall/long
has a weird laugh
can't talk to boys ... especially the one she likes
has discoloration around her mouth
obsesses over organization

Did you participate in #myrealselfie? I want to see! 


Monday, February 24, 2014

Guest Post : Ashley Mason #blogeverydayinfeb

Hi ladies! I'm Ashley from Private School Prepster, and I'm going to be guest posting for Sydney today about interacting with other bloggers.
In my opinion, there are only two really important things to remember while blogging: being yourself and making new friends. Blogging is a great way to make new friends because if you find a blog you like, you most likely have a lot in common with the girl behind the blog.

I recently did a little link-up called "connect with preps." This idea all started when I realized how many preppy bloggers, Twitters, Instagrammers, Youtubers, etc. there were. I love making new friends, so I thought to myself, why not come up with something so all of these preps can get in contact with each other? So I did. I got the email address of any prep that wanted to be involved and randomly paired two girls together. They would then be free to start emailing the girl they were assigned and most likely become friends with her!

Making new friends is an absolutely amazing feeling. You may find a few things you have in common with another blogger just by reading her blog, but you will never know how many things you have in common with her until you start emailing her.

So, my suggestion to all of you is that if you find a blog that you're interested in, get in contact with the girl behind the blog. If she has a "contact me" page, find her email address and shoot her an email. Even follow her social media accounts if you'd like. If she doesn't have a "contact me" page, leave a comment on one of her blog posts asking her for it. Never be too shy to pass up a friendship and always be on the lookout for new blogs to follow.

Do you have any blogger friends?


Dressed to the Maxi

jump fail.

jump picture achieved 

i kinda love the long and flowy skirt

spin spin spin

dress: Anthropologie
shoes: Target
necklace: Tiffany & Co

After my audition Saturday, my mom and I walked around Downtown - and we (of course) had to stop in at Anthropologie. I had seen this maxi dress in the sale room from previous visits, and during our visit today I couldn't pass up the great deal. The material is super comfortable and is quite light, so it will be able to be worn for the next few months, and maybe in the Summer on vacation to cooler locations. 

The shoes add a pop of color to a quite neutral outfit! And I have a slight obsession with how big and flowy the skirt is - it's so fun to twirl around in! I think I'm planning on "debuting" this dress at school on Valentine's Day! (eek!)


ps. I hope you enjoyed  Ashley's post today! Isn't she such a gifted writer? 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Joys of Blogging : #blogeverydayinfeb

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Blogging has truly brought me great joy. I have learned lots, made new friends, and (I hope) am becoming a better writer throughout it all. 

Throughout the past two or three weeks, some of my favorite bloggers have written amazing posts about blogging. 

I have become more creative when it comes to writing, and can brainstorm more efficiently. I love to utilize any and all social media platforms, and try and interact with everyone that I can, especially on Twitter and Instagram. 

It's been such a great experience. I now have this growing time capsule that is always growing. I write about all kinds of topics and document certain times in my life. 


It's no mystery that I LOVE Carly from the College Prepster. She has written some brilliant posts about blogging that I have gone back and read time and time again. Learning new things from such an accomplished blogger is such a great learning experience. 

Motivation Behind Blogging // Why I Blog + Blogging Tips // Why Why Why

Dorothy is absolutely adorable and is becoming one of my favorite bloggers. After participating in Breakfast in Bed at the beginning of the month, she has become one of my daily reads. 
One of her most recent posts is my fantastic and perfect for any (and all!) bloggers.

Blogging Tips and Advice 

Another Helpful Blog Post : HTML Coding Every Blogger Should Know //
3 Things I Wish I Would Have Known About Blogging // So You Want To Start A Blog

What is your favorite part about blogging? (Or Reading Blogs?)


Posts featured on ATT about Blogging : Daily Reads // Blue and Pink // 
Return to Blogging // Mackenzie Horan // Carly, College Prepster

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Anxiety/Stress/Fear : #blogeverydayinfeb

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Anxiety. Stress. Fear. Three words I despise, but have learned how to handle.

This post couldn't have come at a better time. 

These past 2 days, and these past 2 weeks in general have been insane. Last Monday, I left school stressed, tired, and struggling to find motivation. My agenda was a mess and I was beginning to lose it. 
The ice days were the best thing that could have happened that week. I was able to re-evaluate my situation, organize myself, get caught up on work, and have some time alone. After picking school back up on Valentine's Day, I couldn't have been more excited for the long weekend and more time for myself. 

After these past two days, I don't even remember having Monday off, because this week has felt like a stressful, full 5 day week. Going into the week, I felt organized, energized, and ready to go. I had my blog posts planned, was ready to allot time Wednesday night to blog more, and I was overjoyed that my concerts were postponed. (I don't know how Sarah is still standing, she just participated in our school musical and performed in 10 shows.)

That all (completely) changed when I finished Tuesday. (read : French "pop" quiz, French verbal test, Math test, English paper, Science Quiz/Reading, PE test, Vocal Concert Thursday) 

Thursday was rough. Our Vocal Concert, that was 12 hours away, was giving my anxiety because of how under prepared I felt. I took a math test that I felt good on, until I realized I messed up on 8 of the questions. And French - I had a pop quiz that I didn't do so hot on, and have an oral test coming soon that I'm freaking out about. 

I was under so much stress, I had a complete break down Thursday night. I couldn't think, had so much on my mind, and the to-do list was infinite. I called up a friend, talked it out, and go to work. I can't say how I did on my quiz and test yesterday, but I know one thing : I'm surprised that I made it through yesterday without breaking down a second time, falling asleep in class, or being in a terrible mood. I may have gotten five hours of sleep, but I was (surprisingly) energized and ready to work. 

Today, I'm supposed to be sharing my tips for dealing with anxiety/fear/stress. But I think it's sometimes more valuable to read about a real life situation and show that you're not the only one stressing about every little thing. Yes, I have tips, but I've gotten used to certain stress levels that I just deal with it when it gets thrown at me. 

Don't be afraid to Ask for Help or Say No // How self explanatory is this? Ask for help from a friend, parent, or teacher. If you have too much on your plate, ask someone to help you out with something simple that will ease the stress. Also, don't be afraid to say no! If you can't add something else to your list, don't. It will only cause more stress and anxiety.

Call a Friend! // I had to call a friend Thursday night in tears. Call someone you trust and know will let you talk and will give great advice back to you. Sometimes hearing your best friend's voice is better than talking over text.

ORGANIZE. // Utilize your Agenda and Calendar! Write out everything: due dates, tests, appointments, extra-curricular activities, etc. It will help you to plan out each night as to what you can/can't handle. 

Take YOU Time. // After studying for an hour, get yourself a cup of coffee, go for a walk/run/bike ride, read a magazine; even a simple 15 minute break outside will help you clear your mind and motivate you. 

Pray and Motivate. // Pray continuously. Spend time reading the word, asking for guidance and peace, and focus. It's sometimes hard to see God in all the rush, but when you do it's worth it. 

I've really missed blogging, and I can't wait to finish up my February Blog Challenge! It's been such  great experience and has helped me to stay organized when it comes to blogging. I hope to share my experiences with you at a late time!

How do you deal with stress/anxiety/fear?


Thursday, February 20, 2014


I hope you will forgive me for today and tomorrow, as there will be no blog posts. I promise (and hold me to it) that I will catch up on these two days I am missing in my #blogeverydayinfeb challenge (A post without words (just pictures!), and the meaning of home). School has gotten the best of me and I do not have any time to prepare these 2 posts! I can't wait to share how I got through these past 2 weeks, because I honestly don't know how I've made it.

See you Saturday for (fingers DOUBLE crossed) two posts! 

have a happy thursday and friday! I'm wishing you the best! 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Little Known Facts : #blogeverydayinfebruary

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Although this blog is written by me, and I share a lot about what my goals are, what I'm working towards, or what's going on in my life. There are some things I feel like I've never mentioned, though.

Here we go :: 

1. I have a twin brother, named Nick. I'm 8 minutes older. 

2. I would much rather take 2 maths and 2 sciences than take any form of History/Social Studies.

3. I've always been independent when it comes to school, studying, and getting my homework done. I just need to be able to motivate myself and I'm fine. 

4. Once I find a Netflix show, I can't stop watching it. (i.e.: Gossip Girl (currently), Grey's Anatomy)

5. I have to buy most everything in tall or long, because I'm 5'11".

6. (This may be known), but I think I have an unhealthy obsession to most every Social Media platform.

7. I was baptized when I was 12 at our family's Episcopal Church. 

8. I want to go to college anywhere but South Carolina. I would love to go to college in Boston (or anywhere in New England)

What are some little known facts about you?


ps. Is there anything else you want to know about me? Feel free to ask me anything below, or email me any questions you may have! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

3 Words - 1 Style : #blogeverydayinfeb

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My style has greatly changed since 6th grade. My closet was only t-shirts. Mid-seventh grade, I finally started getting into a more "put together" style. Finally, by 8th grade, I "locked in" what I liked and didn't like, bringing me to where I am now. (Go farther back than that, and it has really, really changed.) Looking back, it's hard to believe where I am now to where I was then, but I feel that now I really know what my style is, know what I'm most comfortable, and am slowly (but surely) finding out what looks best on me.

Versatility // Being able to wear an outfit to school but also a fun dinner with my friends makes my wardrobe easy to mess around with. I can wear a certain skirt/blouse combo and know that it will look stunning that night when I'm just hanging out with friends. Being able to wear versatile pieces makes my closet have endless possibilities.

Classic // I hope that the majority of the pieces in my closet will stay in style for the next few years. You can't go wrong with a navy skirt, white button down, J. Crew chino shorts - they're going to be classic, staple pieces no matter what.
I've found that being classy is also a lifestyle, too! 

Comfort // I want to feel comfortable in what I wear; I want to feel like I can conquer the world with the right shirt, feel like I can "ace" a presentation because of my shoes, and feel like whatever I'm wearing, I don't feel like I'm uncomfortable and just waiting to get home and get into some comfortable pjs. (Although, some days, this is just a must).

What 3 words would you use to describe your style?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Printed Postage Stamp Pants

shirt: Gap
pants: Gap
scarf: Target
shoes: Nine West, Nordstroms

This is one of my favorite outfits in my closet. The pants are fantastic (and super comfortable), and the scarf adds the perfect touch of color against the white shirt. And the shoes? I'm so glad that my mom gave them to me for my birthday. I love them and they get so many compliments. 


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