Tuesday, June 2, 2015

the number eight

it's amazing how God works in mysterious ways. how he sends us messages in different forms and allows us us to search and pray until we find him.

I know that, personally, it's so hard to listen to God when I have a million things going through my head ... what I need to study, the list of chores, work, and finding time for friends and family. and when I'm awaiting the arrival of a letter that could change my life, how could I not be more distracted?

back up three months from where this story really begins, after this important audition that I've gone through twice before (featured here); it was mid-March, days before I would get that life changing letter in the mail, before I would open the mailbox and take out the 4 x 6 envelope that would be filled with confetti and "Congratulations!". up until this day, I was having a lot of second thoughts about how well I did and if my application would go through. I knew that I was up against a lot of other talented singers from across the state, and I got to the point where I needed to pull myself down off the high of positivity I had been on.

it was a sunny day in a beautiful church.
I was in Columbia for a vocal competition. after performing and going through sight reading, there were a lot of negative vibes flowing through our women's choir, thanks to the mediocre performance and sight reading session. after finding a place in the church to sit and listen, I simply tried to block out the negativity and listen to the remaining groups that still needed to perform.
and all of a sudden, I thought of the number 8. I didn't think much of it until I couldn't stop thinking of the number, as it was prominent in my mind and stayed on my mind the entire way home.
after returning home, I realized that I needed to look into the biblical/spiritual significance behind the number 8. there was some meaning to this number in my current state of life and I needed to figure out what it was.
and so, after turning to Google, a smile spread across my face, my jaw dropped, my questions were answered and I was put into a peaceful state of mind.
    in the bible, the number eight (broadly) signifies a new beginning.
    this one number filled me with confidence.
    it calmed my heart.
    it gave me hope and security.
God simply placed a number in my mind and urged me to look into the biblical significance. it filled me with peace, knowing that God had a new beginning in place for me, and it was my turn to be patient and learn what that new beginning was. that number gave me peace as I heard from my close friends about their letters, telling them they were placed on the waiting list or not accepted at all. and when I opened the mailbox on Good Friday, and placed my hands on the 4 x 6 envelope, I couldn't help but cry that my prayers had been answered and my new journey would begin.

I have to say, it was hard telling people that I felt God through simply a number; it almost seemed out of place and not a normal conversation between teenagers. but the friends and close family that I told, they couldn't help but smile when they realized that God does work in mysterious ways.


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