Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tea Talk Tuesday : Frannie from The Blonde Prep

Frannie's blog, The Blonde Prep, has been a favorite of mine for quite a while. Her posts are always on point and I find myself bookmarking my favorites way too often! Frannie's style is impeccable and her words of wisdom on her blog are perfect! 

For those who don't read The Blonde Prep, tell us a little bit about yourself and blog! 
My name is Frannie and I live in Wisconsin! I'm 15 and originally from Chicago, so I definitely consider myself a city child. I started The Blonde Prep in eighth grade, but the blog has grown tremendously and now functions as both a creative outlet and a business. I write about my life, my style, what I'm eating, and what I'm doing.

What drew you to blogging and how did you decide on your blog's name? 
I started my blog as a competition with a friend (oops!), but I'm proud to say I've come a long way from that point. I made a list of a few ideas for a blog title, and when I thought of "The Blonde Prep", it just seemed right. 

How do you handle school, blogging, and any extra curriculars? 
During the school year I blog only on the weekends or on school nights where I have no homework. Extracurriculars are usually right after or before school for me, so it's easy to make those a part of my day. For homework, I just start right after school and go until I'm done!

What's your go to hair style during the summer? School year? 
During the summer I usually just wear my hair down, but since it's super long (for me, at least) it somehow winds up in a topknot or a braid by the end of the day! During the school year I usually wear it half back or in a ponytail. I have a bad habit of making my hair look as bad as humanly possible for school...

What preppy brands do you find yourself shopping at the most? How do you find the best prices at these stores?
My closet is almost entirely J. Crew and Ralph Lauren, with the exception of Lilly and a bunch of random brands here and there. 99% of what I purchase at J. Crew is from the sale rack because literally everything from J. Crew goes on sale at some point, and typically that process is super fast.
What's your typical outfit for a fun Saturday out? Day at school? 
I wear a uniform to school, so that requires my plaid skirt and polo day in and day out. On weekends, I usually stick to my riding boots, skinny jeans, and an oversized sweater when it's cold or converse, chinos, and something striped when it's warm!

What camera and equipment do you use to shoot photos for your blog? Any photo editing software? 
I have a Nikon D3100 with a 50mm lens that I use to shoot, and I edit typically with VSCOcam or iPhoto.

If you could pack your bags right now and travel anywhere, where would you go? Why? 
Back to NYC or Newport ;) I had the best time there two weeks ago, those are my two favorite cities!

Where would your dream home be located and what would it look like? 
I have no idea where I want to live... Definitely east coast but I'm not sure what state! I know I would love to have a summer home in Newport, Rhode Island. As of design, I'm glad I still have time to figure that out!

Favorite apps, other than social media? 
Does Snapchat count as social media? #guilty... Otherwise I have a guilty pleasure of editing pictures on VSCO when I'm bored. I don't have any games or fun apps on my phone... Send recommendations my way!

My typical brunch order is ...
Iced caramel coffee and a chocolate croissant or lots of fruit!

Social media?
Instagram // @theblondeprep (Frannie's instagram is PERFECTION! Go and follow ASAP!)
Twitter //  @blondeprepblog
Pinterest // @frannieacciardo


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tea Talk Tuesday : Sammy Sohl from Prepista

Today I'm excited to introduce Sammy, the blogger behind Prepista! Sammy lives in Southern California, and loves everything preppy and chic. You can read more about her on her about page, but first stay tuned to today's Tea Talk Tuesday - because you'll learn everything and more about her here! 


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself!
- I'm the quintessential preppy fashionista. I swoon over all things Kate Spade, J.Crew, and Lilly Pulitzer, I'm absolutely obsessed with Instagram, and I'm addicted to Starbucks. I also have a strong appreciation for little luxuries, having grown up in the luxury retail business.

2. Why did you start your blog?
- I started my blog mainly as a distraction from some of the not-so-fun things going on during my sophomore year of high school, but also as a way to document the things that inspire me, as well as do a bit self-discovery.

3. What's the greatest thing that's come from blogging?
- I'd have to say by far the friends. Coming from someone who hasn't had the easiest time with friendships, I've met some of the sweetest people through this blog - girls that I know I can count on and that I will be friends with for a very long time. Getting to have this amazing support group that I can talk to about anything whenever I want (even if we are all scattered across the country) is something I wouldn't trade for the world.

4. Where do you go to school and what's your major?
- Currently I'm a high school senior (eeekk) at a small all girls high school in Los Angeles. Who knows where I'll end up for college, but hopefully it will involve studying business and communications.

5. What does your dream room look like?
- My dream room, in one word, would be calming. We just moved a few months back and I got to redecorate and I'm in love with my room right now. I stuck to pretty light colors, mainly baby pinks and white, and filled my room with the things that make me happy. The most important part to any room for me though is the bed because that's where I like to spend most of my time while I'm in my room. I like silly soft sheets, lots of pillows, and a big fluffy duvet.

6. What camera and equipment do you use when taking pictures for your blog? Any editing software?
- I use a Nikon DSLR d3200 that I received for my 17th birthday for all my outfit shoots. The other photos are a combination of pictures from my iPhone and my camera! I also use photoshop to edit blog photos on my computer and VSCOcam to edit photos on my phone.

7. What items in your closet have you been reaching for most lately?
-I can always fall back on my trusty navy and white striped shirt. It never steers me wrong and is so versatile! I can wear it with a skirt for a polished look, or jeans when I want to be a bit more comfy!

8. What's your favorite way to stay active and eat healthy?
-I'm obsessed with Soulcycle! (trendy enough for you?) I like that they're goal is to not only motivate you to get healthy and lose weight, but also to become the best version of yourself and remind you that you can break through any barrier standing between you and your dreams. I also drink a ton of water, and try (keyword try - it's the thought that counts, right?) to stick to one sweet a day. I also have been reaching for healthier snacks when looking for something to much on such as fresh fruit or carrot sticks as opposed to chips.

9. What are some of your favorite blogs to read everyday?
- I'm obsessed with reading The CollegePrepster. I go on that website at least 3 times a day even when I've already read the posts, just to explore. I also love Design Darling, and Design LoveFest.

10. You're ordering a coffee. What's your go-to drink?
- Venti iced coffee sweetened with milk, please! When I'm looking for something a bit more refreshing, a passion iced tea always does the trick!

11. Favorite trend at the moment?
- I'm not really one to follow trends, like ever, or really even pay attention to them, but some looks that I've always loved are minimalist makeup, stacked bracelets, and anything nautical inspired. I don't think those really count as trends, but it's as close as I'll ever get.
12. Social media handles?
- @Preptista for both Instagram and Twitter, Preptista on Facebook, and Sammy Sohl on Pinterest!

I hope you enjoyed this week's installment! Can you guess who will be featured next, October 21st? 


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