Wednesday, January 28, 2015

take time

dearest readers,

{ a much needed blog post to tell you exactly where I've been,
where I'm going, and my honest thoughts }

what a crazy thing life has been these past few months. sophomore year took me by surprise, new friends entered my life, thanksgiving and Christmas came and went, and now we're (somehow) in 2015 and I'm ready to get this year started. 2014 absolutely flew by - it feels like just yesterday I celebrated my 15th birthday and was blogging my heart away. it's amazing what can happen in a year; I'm a year older (and wiser, isn't that what they say?) and blogging has been put on the back burner.

I don't think there are any valuable excuses as to why I've been seemingly absent on this little corner of the internet, but I can say that school occupies almost all my thoughts and time. (this post specifically has been a draft for way too long) I'm enrolled some challenging classes that are taking so much energy and mental though that the last thing I want to do when I finish homework is stare at my computer screen. I want this blog to be a place where I can just write my raw thoughts, a place that I can encourage and inspire others. this leads into my next point - I think the mission "statement" of sydney huss the blog is changing. like I said, I want to give advice, be inspirational, encouraging, and share more about my faith and what it's doing for me at this time in life. I want to connect with each one of you, my reader, and I want your say in what is published. you're the reader and I want you to enjoy your time spent here. so please, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to shoot me an email (

school //  I've had a memorable and exciting sophomore year so far, so I can't wait to see where second semester takes me. school itself has been quite the roller coaster.  during first semester, I auditioned for all state chorus, and was accepted with a ranking of the first second soprano in the state. it was (and still is) a shock to me and I am so humbled by the support and results. it blows my mind. I also auditioned for national choir and am happy to announce that I will be traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah to participate in the Senior High School Choir, performing in the Mormon Tabernacle. (pinch. me). more than just vocal accomplishments, I am ended the semester with grades I'm happy about and have definitely had my ups and downs with teachers/courses. I've learned a lot from these struggles and have been able to make myself a stronger student.
grades are a constant concern and homework piles up each and every day ... it's never ending! however, being able to see some of my closest friends each day, whether it's in class or at lunch, I have been able to make this year special and memorable, which was one of my main goals since it could be my last year at home. (more to come on that later) I've been very challenged with the classes I'm taking and have learned better study skills, (even better) at planning and organizing, as well as just trying to find that balance between school and having a fun, high school life. (I won't lie, it can be a challenge!) although school can be quite draining, I know what I'm working towards and in a positive retrospect, I can't wait to see where it takes me. each day is filled with moments of anxiety, but the endless laughter that makes my stomach hurt turns it around.

relationships // I met three very special people and am beyond thankful for all of them in their own special ways. caroline, who I met on the first day this year, instantly clicked and have talked for countless hours the past 5ish months we've known each other. our emotional connection to coffee and #tallpeopleprobs are just 2 out of the thousand ways we connect. (just call us twins!) and then there's Adam, a quite handsome redhead (I'm definitely not biased :)) who I'd say is quite special. we're about to "celebrate" our 3 month anniversary and i can't wait to see where we go in the next 3 months. what an adventure it will be! he's a baseball player who is also a vocalist at soa, and he's quite intelligent too. and then there's Claire, one of the sweetest and most genuine girls I know. she can give some great advice and I'm truly thankful for her placement in my life. I've been so blessed with a great circle of friends who I know I can trust and I don't thank them enough.

so even if my post schedule is sporadic, I want to welcome you to join me on his exciting journey, finding my way through the ups and downs of high school, the beautiful relationships I've made with people, and through it all, my love for God. i am thankful to call this my own creative corner, and i cannot wait to share the joys and triumphs with you along the way - and I'd love to hear yours too!

here's to 2015

for more instant updates on life itself, you can find me on both instagram and twitter - @/sydhuss

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