Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summertime is at its end.

School started, leading me to close one chapter of my life and start another.

This summer was one of the best ones that I have had that I can remember.
I went to PennsylvaniaNYC, went to a fun birthday bash for my friend Emily, went shopping on King with my mom, had picnics in the park, spent a weekend away at Lake Murray, and saw Catherine and William present the royal baby to the world.
And I almost forgot - I started my blog.

And these events aren't all of it.

I had a "back to school bash" with some friends, went to Bryson City, NC with my family and our close family friends, went to Lake Murray with Emily Rea, went blueberry and blackberry picking, caught up with a friend, celebrated my other friend, Emily's, birthday on  Kiawah, had an amazing time in NYC and saw the Broadway show Cinderella, and went to a summer intensive at the Governor's School in Greenville, SC. 
Not pictured - I had to say goodbye to a very close friend of mine who moved to D.C.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” 

This summer, my family and I took thousands of pictures from everywhere we went. I won't ever forget the moments that I see in the pictures, but I will forget how I felt in the moment - what it felt like to be standing at the Top of the Rockefeller center, what it felt like to kayak in Lake Murray, what it felt like to have quality time with my mom, what it felt like to be in NYC.
I will forget how I genuinely thought in these moments of time.

Summers come and go, followed by autumn, and winter, then spring.
But then summer comes back.
And we have the challenge of making the past summer better than this summer.

Will you accept the challenge?

What do you miss most about the summer? 

Love, Sydney

ps. The blog will be changing in the next few months, including the name!
Are there any changes you would like to see?
Let me know at or comment below.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

please excuse the dust!

excuse the mess! 


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Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend could not have come at a more perfect time - school is starting to get hectic, and this long weekend will be the small, but necessary, break that is needed.

With it being a long weekend, there are many families traveling; and there are essentials!
Weekend Traveling Essentials 

Reading Material // Whether you are going up to the mountains or down to the shore, keep an easy read at hand. You never know when you may want to cuddle up with a book late at night. 

Versatile Clothing // Bring clothes that will work at all points at the day. (You don't need an extra large suitcase just for a weekend away!) Pack items that can be paired in different ways, so that no matter what the occasion or activity, you will always be prepared. 

Leave the Work at Home // This is your weekend away! Don't bring all of your school work with you to your destination. Let your mind roam free for just a few days before getting back to work. 

Treat Yourself // If you just started school, or are getting into heavy things at work, treat yourself to something fun while you are away. Whether it is a simple dress, a nice tote, or a cup of coffee and a scone, let yourself go for just enough time so that you can reward yourself for how well you are doing in life. 

Have fun // It's a weekend away! Let yourself have some fun! 

I cannot tell you how excited I am for this long weekend! 

Do you have any special plans for your Labor Day Weekend?
Love, Sydney 

P.S. Is there anything specific you would like to see this fall on the blog? 
Let me know:

P.P.S. There may be major changes on the blog, concerning URL and title, so stay tuned for updates! 

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

In My Backpack

Throughout the school year, my backpack is my life - I store everything in my backpack. 
And if it's not in my backpack, you can find it in my purse.

There are certain items that I cannot go a school day without.

Folders: I have a different colored folder for every class, that corresponds with my binder color. So far, I have found this very helpful - instead of having one large folder or binder getting stuffed with papers, I have 6 organized folders containing papers just for that class. 
Agenda: I adore my Lilly Pulitzer agenda... and I know I have said that before. It is truly helping me to stay organized - between tests, quizzes, rehearsals, blogging, and extra-curricular activities, my schedule can get pretty crazy. The Lilly agenda has the perfect amount of space to write down everything! 
Some sort of Reading Material: Having some sort of book with you during the school day comes in handy more than I would expect - on the bus, after tests, or just having free time in a class, you have great amounts of time throughout the day to get some reading in. 
Calculator: Useful for both Physical Science and Algebra 2, my graphing calculator is useful at all points of the day! 
Pens/Pencils/Pencil Pouch: Pretty self explanatory, but how can you get through a day without pens and pencils? These are essential! Treat yourself to back to school goodies and have fun with buying supplies! 
Lunchbox: Food is a must! You can't learn without a healthy, balanced lunch. 
Camelbak Waterbottle: Stay hydrated! 

Throughout the year,  I will be posting lots and lots of topics pertaining to the topic of school. Stay tuned! 
Email me if you would like to see any specific topics. 

What do you always have with you for your day at school? 

Love, Sydney 

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wish List Wednesday

Just one week ago I started my adventure in High School, and oh what fun has it been!

High School truly is fun - the teachers are finally treating us like mature individuals - no more being fed my our teachers.
As much as I miss my middle school teachers, I am ready for whatever the next four years brings.

Kate Spade: Things We Love // I heard about this lovely book from The College Prepster and her vine. It sems like the perfect book to add to my nightstand/bookshelf. A perfect rainy day read. 
Design Darling, The Boutique: Monogrammed Tip Pouch // I have started to love more and more individually owned shops - and Design Darling Boutique never fails to impress! Mackenzie Horan, the Design Darling, has a blog and online shop - and many of her items will be making their way onto my
Christmas Wish List. 
Tarte LipSurgence // Another reccomendation from The College Prepster, Carly says that this lip stick does not scream "LIP STICK" and is very suttle. Perfect for fall. 
Kate Spade: Little Minka // I have loved this purse since I first set eyes on it. It is the perfect cross body bag! I love how it has the top handle, but can also be work cross body.

What are you loathing for this week? 

Love, Sydney

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Organization 101

I have made it a goal of mine for this school year to stay organized. 
I am utilizing my agenda like I never have. 

Throughout the next few weeks, I will be posting topics all about organization. 

Today: Note Taking, Organization While Studying, and Everyday Organization. 

Taking notes is different for every person - some people like color coding their notes, others can study their notes no matter how they write them or organize them. Others write their notes, then go home and organize them as needed. 
It's different for everyone. 

These note taking tips are written for college students, but note taking can get severe even in high school. 

Outline for Note Taking: 
1. Topic/Main Idea 
a. expands on topic 
b. concept change 
i. adds detail 
ii. category/idea changes
2. New Main Idea/Topic

Color coding can help visual learners. Underlining and highlighting topics helps to categorize different topics and ideas. 
Creating acronyms to remember topics, like PEMDAS (math) is a useful tool. 
*Make sure the acronym makes sense and is logical.* 
Binder Organization - use tabs, and always have loose leaf paper on hand. Tabs/Dividers allows you to have different sections - notes, homework, tests and quizzes, classwork, projects, etc. (endless possibilities!) 
Create charts, diagrams, and graphic organizers to create a visual studying device.

I adore The College Prepster. I read her blog every morning while I am getting ready, and when I get home from school I check it - I am obsessed. 
Carly, the author, has many organization tips, study tips, and so much more for school. She knows what she is talking about. 
She has great tips about organizing while studying. 
Whenever I am studying for a unit or chapter test, my desk area can become a nightmare. Papers, textbooks, and binders really make it a mess. 
The College Prepster has come up with the needed items that should always be at your desk while studying. 
- Laptop (PDFs, Power Points, Word Docs)
- Glasses (if needed)
- iPad (music)
- healthy snack
- index cards
- agenda (visualize what you need to be working on)
- pencil pouch 
 put away your phone! 

Everyday Organization Tips
1. List Notebook! 
I created a notebook this summer to organize notes, quotes, and random thoughts I have throughout the day. And I love it. 
2. Update Agenda 
3. 10 Minute Tidy Up 
Doing this every night in your room really helps - I like doing this after my shower, but before I start reading. 

How are you staying organized this school year? 

Love, Sydney 

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Giveaway :: Sundresses and Smiles

Sundresses and Smiles has a lovely giveaway going on with Shabby Apple

If you win, you will receive a $50 gift card to the Shabby Apple online store.

Their online store is very charming - and would be a perfect addition to any closet for the fall!
Her giveaway is only going on for a few more days, so hurry on over to her site now to enter yourself in her amazing giveaway!

Love, Sydney

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New Chapter: High School

I completed my first "week" of high school, and I can only tell you how different it is from middle school. 

Going into high school, I didn't really know what to expect. 
I didn't have a clue where my classes were. 
I didn't know how lunch worked. 
I didn't know who all was in my classrooms. 
I didn't know what my teachers were like. 
I didn't know what the classes were going to be like. 
There were (and still are) lots of unknowns.

With middle school, the teachers love on you and care for you. They give you every little thing you need.
But now in high school, you are left to fend for yourself. If you need help, you need to ask. 

But maybe that's what makes it fun. 
Not knowing what to expect, and just going with the flow. 

Day One is always the scariest. Too many unknowns. 
Once I started going from class to class, I realized that it wasn't that scary.

Day One OOTD

Teacher Overview: 
Physical Science, Mrs. Greig: Sweet and very nice, and it seems like we will be doing lots of fun and interesting labs. We have two quarters dealing with chemistry and physics. I cannot wait for that.
Freshman Focus: This will be my most helpful class. For the first semester, I am taking a class were there is a 20 minute lesson, followed by 70 minutes to get work done. 
It will definitely come in handy once vocal starts getting crazy. 
Vocal, Mr. Rogers: I am so glad that I get to have Mr. Rogers again this year. The last two years in vocal have been pretty tough for me, and I am very hopeful that having class with Mr. Rogers will change that. 
English 1, Mrs. Passarello: I adore Mrs. Pass! She is so sweet and feels like a grandmother. She treats us like her juniors, and is preparing us for success. We already had a Socratic seminar on the third day of school. 
World Geography, Mr. Clark: I don't know how  I will end up liking this class, since I strongly dislike geography, but Mr. Clark is a very nice teacher and it should be a fun year! 
Algebra 2, Mr. Ratigan: I was very unsure about myself going into Algebra 2 this year. Geometry was hard enough for me, but hopefully Algebra 2 will come a little easier to me. Mr. Ratigan is a great teacher and he wants us to make mistakes and learn from them; he wants us to get answers wrong. 
French 1, "Mrs. B": I love Mrs. B - she is so much better than my French teacher from last year, so I cannot wait to relearn the concepts, and learn them the right way. She is a very energetic teacher! 

Do you have a favorite teacher/subject yet? 

Love, Sydney

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PS. Let me know if you have any ideas for school inspired posts that I can publish throughout the year! {}

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Book Review

Throughout the summer, I could finish book in a day, maybe two.
I kept having to go back to the library, or had to buy books to keep me reading. 

Now with school starting, it's hard to find time to read. When I get home I am exhausted, and all I want to do is lay around. 

But,  I have made it part of my nightly routine to put away all electronics and read for 30 minutes before I turn the lights out. 
I have found that it is a great way to calm my mind before I go to sleep. It is a nice way to get away from the technology. 
And you'd be surprised at how much you can read in just 30 minutes. 

I completed these two novels in the past weeks, and have mixed reviews. 

I really enjoyed The Ivy Chronicles. Taking place in New York, recently divorced mom Ivy realizes there is a need for the upper class of NYC to get their children into the best "mini Ivy League" schools in their city. She makes it her job to help them - but it comes with some sacrifice. 
 It wasn't a challenging read, and had humor and romance. It was easy to get through and finish. 

The Darlings was definitely not my favorite read. Also taking place in New York City, the Darlings are a well known family in the Law business. 
It was a very hard book for me personally to get through. I don't know if it was because the book was too old for me, or if  I just didn't take the time to understand and grasp the concepts, but it definitely was not my favorite read. 

What was your favorite read of the week? 

Love, Sydney 

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Find Time to Read

Since school has started, it is hard to find time to read with all of the homework and extra-curricular activities going on. 

Levo League has come up with 5 simple and easy ways to find time to read.

Read what you want to read. Read titles and genres that you like - this will help you to enjoy reading. And don't be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone.

ALWAYS have reading material. It doesn't matter if it is a magazine or newspaper, always have something to read. Don't ever go anywhere without a book. If you don't want to carry around the book in print, then read the book on an eReader, phone, or tablet.

Skim the headlines. Stay up to date with the current events. The Today Show now has an app where they upload all of their contact onto the app about an hour after the show - it is a great way to watch the news if you can't watch it in the morning.

Utilize Goodreads. Mark books you want to read, mark books that you have read, or are currently reading. Goodreads will give you suggestions based on what you have already read, and also on genres that you have said you like. Find your Facebook friends on Goodreads and find out what books they like.

Read before bed. Reading before bed instead of watching TV or laying around on your tech device is proven to be better for you. The LED light from your device will keep you up longer. Have a desk lamp on your nightstand and cuddle up with a book. After you're done reading, turn the light off and go straight to bed.
If you find it tempting to get on your device, put it across the room from yourself so that the temptation isn't there.

Finding time to read will allow you to relax and decompress after a long, busy day.

How do you find time to read? 

Love, Sydney

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wish List Wednesday: Back to School

Today was my first day of school
More specific: first day of high school. 

But there are still things I am loathing to help me have some fun accessories this school year. 

Arnold Palmers, Ballet Flats, Cocktail Rings, Monograms, Polka Dots & Stripes, Snail Mail

She is Kind, She has Charm, She is Loyal, She has Style, She has Wit, She has Gumption

The Paris Collection Pencil Set (Unavailable) 

{Really loving Amanda Katherine Designs on Etsy}

Leather Scallop Edge Shopper
The College Prepster introduced me to this bag, and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.

Lilly Pulitzer Acrylic Tumbler - Lets Cha Cha
I love the Lilly Tumblers, so why not have another?

What is an item that you still need for the school year? 

Love, Sydney

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Sailing Into A New School Year: Part #8: First Day OOTD

Kira is showing off her first day of school outfit on her blog to finish up this series. 

We hope that you have enjoyed this series! 
Email me ( and let me know what you thought of the series. 

Love, Sydney

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chicago Prepster and Tam Tam Design

It's the last day of summer - A perfect day to enter my name into a giveaway for an amazing prize. 

Chicago Prepster and Tam Tam Design have paired up for a spectacular giveaway. 
You don't want to miss it. 

If you win, you will receive a iPhone Case AND a desk pad or note pad. 

There are only a few hours left to enter!

Entering is simple. You simply follow a series of "tasks" to enter your name in a certain amount of time for the raffle. It takes 10 minutes at the most. 

Love, Sydney 

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Sailing Into A New School Year, Part #7: Study Skills

Going back to school means studying.
Which leads to stress.

Pinterest has led me to find so many ways to study and stay organized throughout the school year.
(Post on organization to come in the future!)

Comfortable Clothing: When studying or doing homework, I find it most important to be comfortable. (Avoid pajamas - these will make you want to get into bed and fall asleep) Pull on some Nike shorts and a t-shirt and get to work.

Materials: Get all of your materials together! Textbooks, notes, binders, and notebooks.

Drink Water!: Get a water bottle and stay hydrated. 

Healthy Snack: Grab a healthy snack that will keep you alert and focused. 

Study Area: Find a place in your house that you study best. 

Breaks and Space it Out: Take time to relax and take a break from studying for 10 or 15 minutes. Read a magazine or book when you need a break, or check social media. 
Also - make a routine for your day.

Agenda: Write down your homework and test dates, and plan out you week and month. Stay on top of your events - this causes less stress! 

Make deadlines - Project due?  Make yourself deadlines.  Test in a week? Make deadlines. This will help you avoid cramming the night before. 

Highlighters, Flashcards, Post Its, and Pens: Highlight important info (or color code items!) Make flashcards, place post its in places you need to go back and focus on, and have pens to color code also (and take fun colored notes!)

To Do List: Make a to do list when you wake up every morning - have two or three must do's of the day, but also have a few items that are little tasks. 

In the first few weeks of school, figure out how you study best. 

Come up with a routine for your mornings and evenings. 

Find the best way to organize your school materials.

Pay attention in class and take notes! This will help you get the most out of your class. 

More to come on organization and study tips in the future!

Love, Sydney

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Last Hoorah!

With summertime coming to a close, my family and our good friends, the Boyles, took a trip to Bryson City, NC to enjoy the last few days of summer. 

We went hiking, tubing, walked around in Bryson City, and socialized back at our gorgeous cabin. (Which had amazing views.)

It truly was a great way to spend the last days of summer; Away from the stress of school starting.

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, from this time forth and forevermore. 
Psalm 125:2

The crew

View from our cabin


Me, Abby, Andrew, and Nick


Tubing - the water was freezing!

How are you spending you last days of summer?  

Love, Sydney

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Sailing Into A New School Year: Part #6: Teeth Whitening

For Cathie's last post in the series, she will be discussing teeth whitening. 

We hope you've enjoyed Cathie's informative posts. 

Love, Sydney 

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book Review

Reading is my favorite way to spend time off the electronics. 

20 minutes reading can feel like an hour. It allows your mind to relax. 
Feeling stressed? 
Need a break from studying? 
Read a magazine.
Something fun to do on the beach? 

After my trip to the library this week, I have some reviews for the books I completed.

Southern Charm || This book was a very easy read, but also very enjoyable. 
True southerner "Minty" Davenport moves from her southern plantation home to New York City, looking to have a big life. 

Wicked, Pretty Little Liars || This is the fifth book in the Pretty Little Liars series and it was just as good as all the others. These books are simple reads. 

Style || I have not finished reading this incredible book by Lauren Conrad, but I will be finishing it soon enough! It is a very informative book - look for posts with inspiration from this title soon. 

The Devil Wears Prada || This book reminded me a lot of Southern Charm, so if you enjoyed that then you will definitely enjoy The Devil Wears Prada. This book took me a little longer than expected, but I cannot wait to watch the movie starring Ann Hathaway! 

What book are you currently reading? 

Love, Sydney

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Simple DIY

Pinterest gives me so many simple, easy DIY ideas for my school supplies. 
For example, my binder covers took me 10 minutes.

A lot of people have been monogramming their Lilly Agendas, which I think is oh-so-adorable.
And it costs $2.50.

At Hobby Lobby I was able to get a single initial sticker to place on my agenda. 
It is the perfect way to personalize a piece.  

What is your favorite way to personalize your belongings? 


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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sailing into a New School Year: Part #5: Healthy Snacks

Kira has a great post on her blog today, going along with our series.

She is discussing healthy snacks for after school. 

Stay Tuned! 

Love, Sydney

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sailing Into A New School Year, Part #4: In your Backpack

Cathie has a fabulous post on her blog today. 

She is discussing what to have in your backpack at all times!

Stay Tuned! 

Love, Sydney

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sailing into a New School Year: #3: Apps for Your Tech Device

We are in an age where tech devices are key to success - These devices are quite useful, and they hold great apps that help us to succeed. 

On my iPad mini, I have created a folder seperate, just for education. 

There are so many apps for Education and Productivity, but these are just a few of my favorites that  I cannot wait to use this year. 

Print Central || This app is great! If your printer is wireless, Print Central will find that printer and "hook" your device up with it, allowing you to print anything and everything from your device to your home printer.

Google Drive || I started using Google Drive this past spring and it is helpful. You can download documents and presentations to the app to view anytime.
*Available for Computers, must have a Google Account*

30/30 || I cannot wait to start using this app. If you have a night where you have a lot of studying to do, this app will help you to split the time up so that you have time to study, but also a few minutes to relax. 

Grades 2 || This app tracks your grades and GPA after adding in the Syllabus for the class. Set a goal for what grade you want, and work hard to reach that goal. 
Only Downfall? You don't specify if the class is CP, Honors, or AP, so it doesn't weigh the class like it will on your report card. 

Spark Notes || Spark Notes is great! It has almost every book of literature accessable, allowing you to read Synopsis' of the book, chapters, read biographies about the characters, and learn the themes. 
*This is a website and an app, so it can be used on the computer*

Khan Academy || My dad introduced me to Khan Academy and it is amazing. There are hundreds of videos on all subjects that teach you about different topics. (I have found this site most helpful for math, but they do have videos on almost everything). 
*This is a website and an app, so it can be used on the computer*

Quizlet || Quizlet really came in handy for me last year. You can create your own flashcards, or search for the flashcards you need. Most likely, the flashcards have already been made by someone else, and they are open to the public. How perfect?
A friend of mine made a 500 card set for the French Final. So useful!
*This is a website and an app, so it can be used on the computer*

Meriam-Webster || Dictionary and Thesaurus; it can be used with no internet connection! 
*This is a website and an app, so it can be used on the computer*

Drop Box || Download and store all your important documents and pictures in one place, and then access them whenever needed!
*This is a website and an app, so it can be used on the computer*

Pages || I do not currently own this app, but I am thinking about making the investment and purchasing it. It is an Apple App, and can be used to write documents, produce PowerPoints, and lots of other things. 
If you have this app, please let me know if it is worth the price!

And the best part? These are all free.
Except for Pages. Oops!

There are so, so many different apps and websites for Education. 

If you are interested in seeing other apps for your device, check out my School Board on Pinterest!
I have pinned lots of things having to do with apps, study skills, and preppy school supplies.
When on Pinterest, a lot of the pins will say, "for College Students", but I have found that a lot of the apps can be helpful to middle and high schoolers also - don't be afraid to try them out!

Stay tuned - Cathie has a great post planned for Wednesday on A Southern Life

What is your favorite School App? 

Love, Sydney 

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Farmers Market

Being a tourist in your own city can be quite fun. 

Every Saturday here in Charleston, there is a Farmer's Market down at Marion Square. 

There is something about the Farmer's Market that makes it... exciting. I just love all of the fresh fruits and veggies, and also seeing the different things people make and invest their time and money in.
I purchased two beautiful bouquets of flowers from a lovely vendor. 
After seeing a post on the College Prep about uses for Mason Jars, I made it my mission to find a bouquet of flowers to add color (and scent) to my room. 
Next time we go to the market, I will definitely purchase two more bouquets. 

Another plus of the market? 
The delicious food! 
Iced coffee and a delicious crepe make the day so much better. 

While downtown, we visited the market. It is just tons of vendors selling their goods.

If you ever take a vacation to Charleston, these two locations are fun places to spend your day!

What is your favorite outing for a weekend? 

Love, Sydney 

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My mom was doing a deep cleaning in her room; going through her dresser (and also my dad's), moving things around, and just organizing. 

While cleaning her dresser out, she came across some of her old jewelry. 
And I gladly took it, adding it to my collection.

I love this gold chain link necklace; I have been looking for a piece similar to this for a long time. It will go great with my new earrings from a local jewelry store here in Charleston. 

 Both of these pearl strands are gorgeous and will compliment any outfit; They will be well paired with my Tiffany necklace, or as a stand alone piece.

This pearl, 3 strand choker is a great piece - I just need to find an appropriate time to wear it. 

My mom gave me a few different pairs of gold earrings. They will go great with the pearl strands, or the gold chain link necklace. 

What is your favorite statement piece of jewelry you own? 

Love, Sydney

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Book Worm

The library is the greatest place.

Today I took a trip to my local library to get some fun books to end the summer with.
I love the library because you can "try out" books, and if you adore them so much, you can go and buy your own copy for your personal bookshelf. 
(This also applies to DVD's and CD's)

(From Top to Bottom)

The Devil Wears Prada, by Lauren Weisberger

I have been reading Pretty Little Liars on and off since the beginning of the summer. 
The books are so different from the show on ABC Family, so it is interesting to compare the two. 

Southern Charm, by Tinsley Mortimer 
I have seen this book featured on a few different blogs, so I had to try it out. 

Style, by Lauren Conrad 
I saw this book featured by Kira on A Southern Life for her Wish List Wednesday. 
If I love it enough, I will definitely be buying my own copy!

Since I can't give you a review on these books at the moment, I will give a overall review of each of the books in the near future, so stay tuned! 

Who is your favorite author? What is your favorite genre? 

Love, Sydney 

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sailing into a New School Year: #2: Stress Relief

Post  #2 came out today on A Southern Lifestyle!

Today, Cathie has written a great post about stress relief on her blog. 

Next post will be on Monday, talking about Apps for your tech device! 

Stay Tuned!

Love, Sydney

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wish List Wednesday #3: Lands' End

I received a Lands' End catalog in the mail, show casing their new fall styles. 
So. Cute.

Being tall comes with its problems - meaning, I have to order things online that are specifically made tall/long. 
Lands' End carries styles in tall! 

I love this sweater - the buttons on the shoulders, and the ability to put a collared shirt underneath for a more preppy look. 

This Cardigan is just like the one pictured above, except for this one is a cardigan - it has buttons. 

Lands' End also has great jewelry. I love this Large Link Necklace (and there's even a matching bracelet!)
It comes in gold and silver... and I don't know which one I will get! 
Help me decide! (Email me at and tell me what you think!)

I love their new Shopper totes! I think the Large tote is great for trips or sleepovers, maybe days at the beach. 
The smaller one could be used more as a purse. 
And I love that it's monogrammed!
They both come in four great colors, I have no clue which color I would choose.
Help me! (Email me, listed above with chain link bracelet)

Email me and let me know what colors you think I should get, for both the totes and jewelry! 

What's on your wishlist this week? 

Love, Sydney

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Sailing into a New School Year: Part #1: Choosing a Bag for School

Summer is coming to a close here in Charleston, SC; School for lots of us starts in just 3 weeks. 
Where did our summer go?
A Pair of Chic Pearls came to me and asked if I would like to take part in a blog collaboration with them and do a series on "Back to School". 
I couldn't resist such a great opportunity! 

Throughout the next three weeks, myself, Cathie, and Kira, will be posting on our personal blogs, helping you to get ready for a new school year.

{Women's Borealis Backpack - The North Face} I currently am using a North Face Backpack (very similar to one above), and it is my favorite backpack that I have owned. It has lots of padding on the back/shoulder straps to support your back, and also has a large interior. It can fit (from experience) 3 binders: 2 one inch and 1 inch and a half.
{L. L. Bean Deluxe Book Pack} I used this backpack in 6th and 7th grade, and I really loved it. It has a lot of room, with 2 large pockets and one smaller one. It is larger than the North  Face backpack, and can fit a few more binders and textbooks. 

Make sure you choose a backpack that fits your needs; don't choose it just because it's cute. You want something that will be sturdy and hold what you need. It is essential! 

{Vineyard Whale Colored Tote} If you want a simple canvas bag to use on days with lighter homework (or none at all!) use a fashionable and preppy bag from Vineyard Vines. It is not very large, so make sure you use it at the correct times.

{Longchamp Le Pliage Shopping Bag L} The Longchamp bag is fairly large, but I would not recommend using it on a day to day basis; it won't be large enough to carry the countless binders and very heavy textbooks.  

{Dooney & Bourke: Nylon North/South Triple Zip} This is a very simple cross body bag with 3 separate pockets. It can serve as a purse to hold the necessities - phone, lipgloss, and any other little things you like to always have with you.  

{Lands' End Large Natural Zip Top Canvas Tote Bag} Lands' End is a great company. Their canvas bags are durable and easy to wash. This is another one of those bags that you will want to use on a lighter day, but this is the largest tote shown on this post.

Whatever bag you choose this school year, make sure you choose something that will last the year and that you won't get tired of.
Also, consider getting a bag that is easily washable, because the dirty bus floors can make your bag quite nasty.

What backpack have you chosen to use this year?

Tomorrow, Cathie will be posting about Stress Management on her blog.
I will be posting a link to the post, so stay tuned!

Love, Sydney

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