Thursday, October 8, 2015

madeline and company

after starting my junior year of high school, I was in desperate need of a new backpack. i’ve been using my north face backpack for 3 years now and it got to the point where it couldn’t hold everything I needed for the entire school day.
after first finding out about Madeline and Company backpacks on instagram and then finding out more about Madeline and how exactly her backpacks were unique compared to the others on the market, I knew I needed to look into them. quite a few of my blogger friends had purchased their own and loved being able to use a cute and functional backpack, so I knew my opinion wouldn’t differ!

2015-09-24 08.23.07 1.jpg 2015-09-24 08.23.03 1.jpg

the best part about this backpack has to be the amount of space. on a daily basis, I am able to put 2 3-subject notebooks, 1 5-subject notebooks, 3-4 folders, 1 1-inch binder, my Maybooks agenda, 2 novels, my waterbottle, calculator, iPad, and on some days even a textbook. the laptop sleeve is perfect for slipping whatever large tech device you may be carrying on a daily basis, or just to put another notebook or textbook.
as versatile as it is, the backpack is also super cute with its solid color + gold and fun colored stripe. and I can’t forget to mention the inspirational phrases that are stitched into every backpack - they add a cute personal touch to each order! it also stands up all on its own, so you don’t have to worry about leaning your backpack against something so that all of its contents don’t fall across the classroom fall.

it was so much fun to work with Madeline and I am so glad I made the investment into one of her backpacks. I can’t wait to keep up with her company and see what the future holds!

in Christ,

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


2015-06-14 10.01.16 1.jpg

because of where we’re at in time, we can find inspiration and encouragement wherever we look. our pinterest and instagram can be filled with uplifting quotes and scriptures to brighten our day; but, there are lots of times where I realize I’d love to hear the encouragement in my ear, from a close friend or just an acquaintance.
inspired by a previous instagram post from whitney english, I’ve compiled a list of short sentences that I love hearing, and therefore I’d love to pass along to someone else.

things I love hearing, therefore things I want to say …

i love you.
God is with you.
you make me laugh.
i’m praying for you.
you’re in my thoughts.
you’re doing great.
i miss you.
i’m lucky to know you.
you make me happy.
i can understand.
your personality lights up a room.
you're a strong leader.
you set a good example for others.
i can confide in you.
you’re a blessing.
you make me smile.
you fill my life with joy.
you’re talented.
great job!
you’re special to me.
stay strong.
you’re glowing.
you have a beautiful heart.
you’re an inspiration to me.
God shines through you.

in Christ,

Thursday, October 1, 2015

move in day

written on august 14, 9:30pm

in 24 hours, I won’t be getting ready for bed, in my own room, with my pajamas nicely folded in my drawers or my outfit hanging in my closet for the next day.
tomorrow, I will be sleeping in my new “home”, at the Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities, three and a half hours from home.
so much is changing.

I’m leaving all that I know, the people I’m most comfortable with, my family who I know loves me to an incomprehensible extent - and while I know that home will always be a safe place to land, it isn’t as easy to just jump into bed after a hard day and have my mom come and comfort me with her hands, rubbing through my hair, offering her words of comfort. I have been blessed with a handful of friends that fully support me - who wish me the absolute best as I take on this next chapter of my life.

it’s a huge - I’m leaving my house 2 years before my parents were ever expecting, pursuing singing, something I love, while taking the opportunity of a lifetime to study my academics at a school that is just as advanced in the arts. I am living out God’s plan for my life, and by doing so I’m taking a major step.

I’m so excited. while this weekend will be bittersweet while also exhilarating, I’m encouraged by the plan that I know God has for me. and I pray that you’ll find that road as well.

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