Thursday, October 1, 2015

move in day

written on august 14, 9:30pm

in 24 hours, I won’t be getting ready for bed, in my own room, with my pajamas nicely folded in my drawers or my outfit hanging in my closet for the next day.
tomorrow, I will be sleeping in my new “home”, at the Governor’s School for Arts and Humanities, three and a half hours from home.
so much is changing.

I’m leaving all that I know, the people I’m most comfortable with, my family who I know loves me to an incomprehensible extent - and while I know that home will always be a safe place to land, it isn’t as easy to just jump into bed after a hard day and have my mom come and comfort me with her hands, rubbing through my hair, offering her words of comfort. I have been blessed with a handful of friends that fully support me - who wish me the absolute best as I take on this next chapter of my life.

it’s a huge - I’m leaving my house 2 years before my parents were ever expecting, pursuing singing, something I love, while taking the opportunity of a lifetime to study my academics at a school that is just as advanced in the arts. I am living out God’s plan for my life, and by doing so I’m taking a major step.

I’m so excited. while this weekend will be bittersweet while also exhilarating, I’m encouraged by the plan that I know God has for me. and I pray that you’ll find that road as well.

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