Tuesday, July 14, 2015

a new beginning

ever since I attended the Discovery Summer Camp at the Governor's School for Arts and Humanities (SCGSAH), I knew that I wanted to delve into my God given talent and pursue this school as my future home.
and it was this day in February that changed my life.

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after spending months in the studio, preparing two pieces and expanding my repertoire, the day that I had been awaiting for two years finally came. I had made the decision to apply for the two year, Residential High School at SCGSAH. ever since that first day on the Governor’s School campus in June of 2013, I just knew in my heart that this was an incredible opportunity that I wanted to pursue. the audition processes for each year only got more challenging, but with confidence and lots of prayer there was no turning back.

after a seemingly good audition (just keep reading!), the transition to life not thinking about the audition began and now I was focused on getting that letter in the mail. April 1.

the two-ish months that lay between my audition and the time frame that I was expecting my letter included a lot of thinking about my two “plans of action” - what I would do if I was accepted, and alternatively, what I would do if I wasn’t. I didn’t want to even think of not getting accepted as being an option. honestly, I was unhappy with a lot of aspects of my current school and I couldn’t imagine another two years there. yes, there were a handful of people that I love(d) and a group of select teachers that inspire(d) me and impacted my life in numerous ways, but in the long run, two more years would only cause me more pain. I had to hope and pray for the best, because no other opportunity like this would show itself.

spring break was grueling. every day, my group chat with the other girls I had auditioned with and gotten to know so well was buzzing, just waiting to hear who would open their mailboxes to find that letter in their mailbox. I remember the day the Governor’s School announced that all high school letters had been postmarked; us girls were trying to figure out who would get their letters on which day, both from experience but also from our proximity to the school.
day by day, as close friends opened their letters, my hope dwindled. each girl had gotten a letter, informing her that she had been placed on the waitlist. these were girls that I had heard perform and I was in shock; these girls were the ones that I had a gut feeling that they would be accepted and that this would be our incredible two years. each day, as I was reading their messages, I kept second guessing myself, trying to prepare myself for a similar scenario in which I would also be waitlisted. if I was so confident about them getting in, what about me?

my very best friend got her letter a day before me. her mom texted me that the letter had arrived and that she was on her way to meet my friend at school, to open it together in the school’s office. as I heard back from her, only a little while later, I was overjoyed to hear that the news had been joyful and much awaited - she was accepted and would be postmarking her “yes!” letter that day. there was no doubt in her heart. I had a glimmer of hope.

the thursday before good friday was a good day. I conveniently had a voice lesson that morning and rushed home afterwards to open my letter. as I ran to the mailbox, I said my last few prayers and had to believe that it was all planned.
I opened the mailbox and saw that long awaited 5x7 envelope with my name on it. I turned to my mom, and before opening it, told her that “I had gotten confetti.” standing in the driveway, my emotions and all my fears just pouring out, I was completely overjoyed. I would be joining my friend at the second best school in the state for an opportunity of a lifetime.

through my tears, I texted and called friends, sharing the good news; I thanked them for their endless support, for always believing in me, and for following me on this journey.

it’s been hard, having to prepare myself to say goodbye to some of the people who have changed my life, and knowing that I won’t see them every day. but, I know that I will be back and I look forward to the days that we will be able to share together and catch up on what life has brought us, I look forward to the many phone calls home, whether they’re to my mom or dad, or to close friends, hearing about their day or weeks at school, how life is treating them, and where they’re planning on heading.  

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory … // ephesians 3:20


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