Tuesday, November 3, 2015

the things they carried

in my AP English Language class, we read Tim O’Brien’s short story, “The Things They Carried” and were given the creative assignment to write a letter talking of something we carry. and here’s what came of it.

I carry faith, Christianity. I could have chosen not to carry this my entire life, even though it was something that has been in my life since the beginning. You and Dad taught me and Nick from a very young age that God loves us and that Jesus died on the cross to pay for the price of our sins. But as a young teen and now young adult, it’s become more of my decision to continue carrying Christianity, especially since I’m not under your roof and following the daily instructions you give me. It’s now my choice to attend bible study and church on the weekly, and I have to discipline myself to spend time with my heavenly father in the midst of all the stress and chaos. With all this being said, it’s something I would never want to put down. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t have a strong faith in Christ. You and Dad set such a good example for me, as well as the adults you chose to be a part of my life. I want to be a strong Christian like you for the rest of my days. And going to a school where Christians are seen more of a minority than they are a majority, like I like to think we were back home, I am more frequently tested in my beliefs by my peers. I have the power of Christ in my heart and I want to tell others about that, rather than sacrificing that relationship because of the situation I’m in. Christianity carries a heavy weight because of the price Jesus paid for our sins. It isn’t something to be taken lightly, as the price of my sins was a heavy price to pay. The heavy weight doesn’t discourage me from Christianity because it was that price on the cross and my acceptance of Jesus as my Lord that will allow me to spend eternity in heaven without any pain or sin. And because of that, my faith is something that demands a lot of me. I have to be willing to put in the time to continue fostering a relationship with God and I have to make time to worship in some community of believers, whether that’s on or off campus. I need to stay focused and energized when I’m reading the word, and be willing to stand up for what I believe in in any circumstance. That’s what I find most demanding as a believer. Having to find that courage is really difficult for me. And even though there’s all these ups and downs, it’s something I can’t see my life without. I wouldn’t be who I am. I wouldn’t feel relief and weighed down because of my sins, because I know that Christ came and died for me and rose again on the third day to forgive all my sins. I get to spend eternity in heaven with my Lord and Savior and that means so much to me.

in Christ,

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