Wednesday, November 18, 2015

currently in november

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reading … “The Walled City” by Charleston author and SOA alumna Ryan Graudin. it’s a much easier read compared to the few books I’ve picked up this year in hopes of getting a headstart on that AP Literature reading list.
watching … lots of YouTube to procrastinate doing homework during the week! but on the weekends, I love to catch up on season 5 of downton abbey (season 6 is coming out in less than 2 months!) or watching the blacklist.  
trying … to survive until thanksgiving break and not collapse under stress
cooking … leftovers because the cafeteria food here is getting worse and worse
eating … leftovers :)  
drinking … peppermint mocha from starbucks, please! if I don’t have time to get off campus, I love brewing a cup of the tazo classic chai tea.
calling … home. I haven’t been home since mid-october and I can’t wait to be back for thanksgiving.
texting … friends from home and congratulating them on their acceptance into all-state chorus! can’t forget that I’ve been texting mom and dad a lot, too!
pinning … all things christmas. I finally had time to get back onto pinterest this weekend and I loved scrolling back through and seeing the fun fall/winter things my favorite bloggers have been pinning
tweeting … about this fun giveaway I’m hosting until sunday! also about how much i miss home and great verses I’ve been reading from Job
going … downtown whenever possible. things get pretty crazy here during the week, and I definitely am one to get stir crazy, so whenever I get the chance and find someone who is willing to go and grab a cup of coffee with me downtown, I don’t say no.
loving … my bible study gals - so thankful for everything they’ve taught me!
hating … being homesick on and off during the week. definitely ruins my positivity some days!
discovering … how important it is to spend time in God’s word, and how it impacts my day in an uplifting way!
thinking … about home. (definitely a common theme in this post!)
feeling … empowered because I’ve been finding more time to delve into the Bible. currently reading Job!
hoping (for) … safety in Paris.
listening (to) … my “musical levite” playlist and I’m starting to throw some christmas music in there too!
celebrating … thanksgiving, which means I go home in less than a week!
smelling … fresh fall air. I’ve loved having my window open these past few weeks!
ordering … a few new pieces from Gap and Old Navy that weren’t navy!
thanking God … for placing me in a place where my faith has been able to grow leaps and bounds, and for allowing me to find a community where I’m happy and feel comforted.  
considering … the future. seeing all my senior friends get into college makes me excited for them, but I keep reminding myself that that will be me next year! ah!
starting … the book of Job and 1 Corinthians
finishing … a blog post with Warby Parker! can’t wait for you all to see it - stay tuned!

in Christ,
blog post idea ℅ Brave Love Blog

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