Wednesday, November 11, 2015

may books + giveaway!

I’m such a nerd when it comes to picking out agendas for the school year. I can’t imagine going through my day without having an agenda in my bag, so making sure that I find the perfect agenda that fits all my needs is essential. in the past, I’ve always had large agendas because I worry that I’ll run out of space in a day; however, I found out this past year that sometimes smaller is better!

may books offers hundreds of options that allows you to create the perfect notebook for your every need. every detail of the notebook you choose can be completely customized, which means that you won’t be dismayed when you receive it in the mail. the website is also super easy to navigate, which makes designing the perfect book super easy.
my agenda is definitely filled by the end of the week, but I love being able to add in to-do lists for each week that gives me a little more space to write things out.

and now I want to offer YOU the chance of receiving your own! just follow these rules :

follow @/sydhuss on Instagram
follow Sydney Huss on Bloglovin’
tweet about the giveaway and make sure to tag me! (@/sydhuss)
comment when you've entered and tell me what your favorite agenda is!

the giveaway will end in 10 days! good luck!!

in Christ,

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  1. Hi !
    Thank you for this post, i would really loved to do my own agenda ! It will be so helpful for my job and my daily life. I really enjoy the "Do that thing" because I love the quote :
    I follow on Twitter (@Na_Hers) and this is my tweet : Sorry i dont have Instagram or Bloglovin’ :/


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